During more than a decade of work with specialty materials MMM’s staff has created a wide range of unique items.


Among them:

Advanced manufacturing - Rare earth metal, 99.9999% pure, in which selected elemental impurities are controlled and/or eliminated while the material remains totally homogeneous.

Ultra high purity praseodymium foil in which neighboring rare earth elemental impurities are eliminated.

Thin foil - High purity, refractory metal foil, 0.0005″ thick made by compressing the layers of this element’s atoms.

Rare earth/Al alloys - Over 100 different rare earth/aluminum master alloys (e.g. scandium/aluminum master alloy) produced for the aerospace industry to test lighter, stronger and more durable aircraft and missile parts.

Zr crystal - High purity zirconium single crystal over 4″ long.

Catalytic Material -

Specialty formulated particles yielding a five fold increase in surface area to maximize the efficiency of automobile catalytic converters.

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